Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a modern state of mind, frequently used but rarely understood. We have defined social responsibility as the business philosophy that we follow throughout our daily activities. Besides only asking is it profitable, we also ask questions like “Is it sustainable?”, “Is it socially responsible?”, “Where is it made?” “Who makes it?” etc. 

We carefully design and develop our products in a studio and produce small quantities but of high quality, which inevitably means higher price range.  And our carbon footprint is also smaller as we produce in Europe. Unfortunately there is no such factory in Estonia that fulfills our requirements. 

This means that our tableware lasts long through generations and is also valued by our customers more than just a one season fashion item.  We grow our series constantly, so that in 10 years time it is also possible to add items to the existing series.

We value traditions and care for different generations. We have three generations of artists in our family, whose art we use to create our tableware and we want to leave to the generations to follow something that we are proud of! And this is hopefully not a pile of garbage in the ocean!  

Porcelain is a delicate product, you’d be surprised how many options there are to safely pack it and send it abroad. And how much less options there are to do it responsibly. Our web shop packages are 98-100% recyclable, the only CO2 is created by the transportation.

Our porcelain can be used daily and they can be washed in a dishwasher to safeguard the water resources.  

Life is short, so we should enjoy it but in a responsible way so that generations to follow can also enjoy it!